Visit the historic St. Gabriel's Hall

Beautifully restored to embrace the history and culture of Marsytown.

Officially Reopened in 2012

Built in 1914-15 by a dedicated group of townspeople of all faiths, the Hall was home to practically every major event that occurred in this region.

Mortier Bay Stages Festival

A week long festivity in August featuring entertainment and cultural events.

A Night for Ducks

Join us on June 15th for an auction in aid of Ducks Unlimited Canada.

Jigs and Reels with the Irish Rovers

Be sure to mark this one on your calendars. The legendary Irish Rovers will serenade us in October.

Welcome to the historic St. Gabriel's Hall in Marystown, Newfoundland.

St. Gabriel’s Hall Inc. obtained possession of the parish hall in November 2006 and the mission of the Restoration Committee was to see the hall restored to its historic past.

And that it has. With restorations completed in 2012, St. Gabriel’s Hall has truly become a unique, cultural and historical venue. When you get completely positive reviews and return performances from such groups as Buddywassiname and the Other Fellers, Donna Butt and Rising Tide Theatre, Masterless Men, Connemara, Jimmy Carton, Johnny McEvoy, Isla Grant and Kevin Collins to name a few.

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